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W.T.F. Licence.

ETU is receiving more and more complaints about the improper use of WTF GAL licenses. Reports are received claiming that federations are applying for WTF GAL licences for athletes that are not (permanent) residents of the particular country and/or member of the requesting federation.

Only for its own members a federation can apply for the WTF GAL License. In case that is proven that a federation is applying for WTF GAL licenses for athletes residing in the territory of another federation, ETU will sanction the federation with a fine of at least 10.000 euro. Also the club asking the federation to apply for the WTF GAL Licenses will be sanctioned. ETU will protect the teritorial integrity of each of its members and the improper application for WTF GAL Licences will therefore not be tolerated.

Athletes (and their clubs) can only apply for the WTF GAL license via their own federation. Only if there is a matter of permanent residency, an athlete can request a license via the federation of the country were he is residing in.

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