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World Taekwondo Europe introduced for the Cadet divisions a new approach for competition: Height categories instead of weight categories.

In Taekwondo Europe’s fight against excessive and rapid weight loss and protection of our young athletes against uneducated coaches and parents, this new height division competition method was tested at the European Cadet Championships in Marina d’Or.
Athletes from Turkey and Sweden fought in two height divisions: the 1,49-1,52 girls categories and 1,65-1,68 girls categories. After the small explanation from the initiator and WTE Games Committee Chairman Mr. Ali Sagirkaya about the new competition method, the athletes took the stage and they performed one round.
The study took 10 months and more than 1.000 cadet athletes worldwide were measured. The study found out that almost 57% of athletes from around the world had an unhealthy, dangerous line of BMI or were very close to this line.
With this new concept of height categories Taekwondo Europe is trying to protect our youth’s health and sport future. At the upcoming General Assembly more details of this project will be shared. World Taekwondo Europe’s most concern on this project is safety and health of our children.

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