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Taekwondo Europe and the G-ranked event organizers have been working hard to finalize the event calendar for 2020. The Presidents Cup 2020 will be ranked G2 but also the Belgian Open received a G2 ranking for 2020. The 2019 edition of the Belgian Open was evaluated as the best 2019 G-ranked event and therefore WT awarded the G2 status also for the 2020 edition of the Belgian Open. Taekwondo Europe will introduce the European Ranking for Cadets and Juniors in 2020 in close cooperation with Simply Compete. All G1 events will be E1 ranked events for Cadets and Juniors. Taekwondo Europe awarded an E2 status to the Galeb Belgrade Trophy 2020 (24 October 2020) and the US Open (29 February and 1 March) also received an E2 status for their Cadet and Junior categories.


Almost all G1 events have applied to include the European Rankings for Cadets and Juniors and in this respect, 2020 will be an exciting year. The European Cadet Championships, taking place in Estonia from 23 – 25 September is ranked E4. The first official ranking list for Cadets and Juniors will be published in March 2020 and can then be used for seeding of the Cadet and Junior athletes. During the European Cadet Championships the athletes will be seeded according to the European Ranking lists.


Generation 24 will be introduced in 2020 with the first event to start in Germany. The outline for this regional event will be finalized soon and the medal winners of this event will qualify themselves for the 2020 Generation 2014 Final which will take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 31 October and 1 November.


You may download the Taekwondo Europe calendar here.

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