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Registration for WT ONLINE International Coach Certification Course [Level II] - WTE (English) – January 7-9 course is now LIVE in GMS. 

WT GMS Members can log in from WT GMS home page, go to COURSES widget and register using the following link: https://worldtkd.simplycompete.com/

The attached documents are all  available on GMS for members to view although the Textbook materials document will only be available to members that have registered and paid for the course.


Official Outline Coach Certification Course WT LEVEL II

 WT Coach Course WTE (L2) infographic

 House Keeping Rules for WT Online Coach Courses  Level II


This is the last chance for CU  Coach Licence holders with validation 2020 or beyond, to participate directly in LEVEL II.
Missing this opportunity  all members from  1/1/2021 will have to start the Education from LEVEL I , except if you have coached at a WT Promoted event in 2019.




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