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Hubert Leuchter was a taekwondo legend: Hugely successful but always humble. 100 Percent committed to our sport, but never thinking about his personal advantage. On February 21 he passed away after a long illness. He was 71 years old. In his younger years Hubert Leuchter was a fighter of international standing: At the second World Championships 1975 in Seoul he won bronze after he lost against the Korean Son Tae Hwan in the semifinal. Never did he talk about an opponent with anything else than fairness and respect. “He won deservedly, he was just faster than me”, he said later.  At the first ever European Championships 1976 in Barcelona he won third place, in 1978 in Munich he became European Champion. In 1979 he took part in the World Championships in Sindelfingen/Germany and won bronze again. He was already 30 then, but still feared for his high kicks, namely his Naeryo Chagi. In the 1980ies he quit fighting but remained in Taekwondo as a coach. With his knowledge, his passion, and his integrity, he left a lasting impression on countless players as well as younger colleagues. He was an honorary member of World Taekwondo Europe. Hubert Leuchter was one of the taekwondo greats and a loveable and sincere person. He will be sorely missed




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