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What you'll learn

13:00-15:00 PM - Poomsae (T4 until P16) & Rules and regulations & P-Hand signals. Short break of 30 minutes.
15:30-17:30 PM - Freestyle & Rules and regulations & FS-Hand signals. Continuation of questions and answer of 30 minutes.


It is now 1 year still in period of Covid-19 all taekwondo competition worldwide are postponed or canceled, but there are number online event going on. Although this difficult time World Taekwondo Europe need to keep going forward no matter what….
After the success of 2 online WTE poomsae event and 1 online WTE workshop poomsae / freestyle in 2020, it is time to do a 2nd online workshop.
This workshop is for everyone regardless of age and level to broaden your knowledge and develop your skills for your further carrier whatever direction you want. You will be informed of the latest developments in the field of poomsae and freestyle competition.
Let's work together with WTE Poomsae committee to make poomsae / freestyle strong in Europe.


For registration use the following link:


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