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What you'll learn

13:00-15:00 PM - Short break of 10 minutes.
15:10-17:10 PM - Continuation of questions and answer of 20 minutes.


- GM. Mustapha Moutarazak – Chairman WTE Poomsae Committee.
- WTE Poomsae committee members: master Abilio C. & master Kai M. & master Gemma B. & master Edina L.

For questions on the Workshop contact Mr. Mustapha at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It is now 1 year still in period of Covid-19 all taekwondo poomsae competition worldwide are postponed or cancelled, but there are number online event going on. Although this difficult time World Taekwondo Europe need to keep going forward no matter what….
After the success of (2) online WTE poomsae event and (2) online WTE workshop poomsae / freestyle in 2020 and 2021, it is time to do a special MNA workshop.
I would like to take this great opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude for your effort and patience during this difficult time in our Europe Taekwondo family. Despite this, we must continue together and we want to welcome you and participate in this amazing special MNA workshop.
The 1st MNA Workshop is scheduled as follows:
The first Special MNA Workshop is aimed for MNA Presidents, Secretaries General, and administrators. Each MNA can nominate up to two (2) participants.
After attending the workshop, you will have more tools on how to develop Poomsae / Freestyle in your country. There will also be information about how WTE poomsae can assist your MNA regarding your national education plan in order to strengthen your Poomsae athletes / coaches / referees / officials /clubs etc....
The Special MNA workshop will strengthen our relationship and increase cooperation between the WTE Poomsae committee and MNAs. Knowledge is power and communication is the key for success.
Let's work together with WTE Poomsae committee to make poomsae/freestyle strong in our Europe.


For registration use the following link:



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