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Greetings from Taekwondo Europe.

We have been informed by the OC of EQT, that  since 29 April 2021, there is a new anti-COVID-19 measure approved by the Ministry of healthcare inBulgaria.

There are several possibilities to enter the country from 1st till31st of May:
1. By providing negative result of PCR tests made up to 72 hours before arrival on Bulgarian border;

2.By providing negative result of Rapid Antigen Test made up to 48hours before arrival in Bulgaria; the Rapid Antigen test must be from one of the types from Appendix 2
3. By providing a certificate for successful completion of vaccination. At least 14 days must pass from the last dose of the vaccine, before arriving Bulgaria. The vaccination must be done from one the brands from Appendix 1;

Also, the participant should double check the travel requirements with the Embassy of Bulgaria in their countries.

Looking forward to seeing you in Sofia.

Appendix 1 - Vaccine's List

Appendix 2 - Rapid Antigen Test's list

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