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After the completion of the Italian Taekwondo Federation’s elections, Mr. Angelo Cito is now the new President of FITA as he was voted by 17522 electorates (98%).The elective assembly FITA coincides with the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Italian Federation and for the occasion the new logo was presented.
Additionally, Carlo Molfetta gold medallist London 2012, also entered the new Federal Council as athletes’ representor.
Therefore, the European Taekwondo Union managed to note down Mr. Angelo Cito’s first reaction and feelings after his triumph.

1. ETU: How easy or difficult is to become a successor of Park Sun Jae's work?

Cito Angelo:It is a great honor for me to be Park Sun Jae's successor and an enormous challenge at the same time, as it is well known that he was an excessive personality and his contribution in Taekwondo History was at least remarkable.

2. ETU: What is your vision for FITA?

Cito Angelo: The Italian Federation had an effective impact on the National and International Taekwondo through the years, with frequent innovations in order to achieve the goals that have been set. The major aim is to be a precursor and competitive Sport Organization.

3. ETU: The trust that Park Sun Jae showed you all these years was reflected in your election as President. What are your next goals as the new President of the Italian Taekwondo?

Cito Angelo: First of all, I would like to show my appreciation for Park Sun Jae and the entire Italian Taekwondo Family for the enormous faith they showed me with 98% of preferences. It is definitely an extraordinary result, which is related with serious responsibilities to be carried on, regarding the work that was planned to be done by Park Sun Jae and me, for the interest of the entire Taekwondo movement.

4. ETU: Do you consider the sport of Taekwondo is popular in Italy?

Cito Angelo: Nowadays, Taekwondo is a sport with great prospect of spread among young people in Italy and as a result the interest of Italian Institutions and the National Olympic Committee is increasing day by day.

5. ETU: How would you achieve to spread the dynamic of Taekwondo to the public?

Cito Angelo: In my opinion, is not possible to spread Taekwondo to the public if we disregard modern technologies and new media. It is therefore necessary to organize and plan sports events, keeping in mind nowadays communication necessities.

This new Federal Council elected in the seventeenth elective Assembly:

Cito Angelo
Vice President
Flotti Giuseppe
Davalli Angelo   
Dellino Giuseppe
Trovarelli Antonio         
Ragona Lorenzo      
Athletes Representatives

Molfetta Carlo
Nolano Claudio
Coach Representative
Chiodo Salvatore
Honorary President
Park Young Ghil

Audit Commitee
Loioli Renato    
Secretary General
Massimiliano Campo


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