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╬čn Monday 27 June 2016, the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation visited the ETU headquarter offices in Athens, Greece. The ETU President Sakis Pragalos and ETU Secretary General Michael Fysentzidis had a meeting with the President of the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation Slavi Binev and the ETU Council member  Andrey Georgiev.
The reason of the Bulgarian delegates' visit was the sign of the contract regarding the next ETU Under 21 Championships in 2017, that both parties have agreed to be hosted in Bulgaria. It is the first time in the history of the European Taekwondo, that Bulgaria undertakes the hosting of an ETU Championship.
The agreement is of great significance, since more and more European national federations are willing to take on major Taekwondo events on the outcome of their benefits. Such primal Taekwondo events, both stimulate the incoming tourism of the host city and fortify the Taekwondo family bonds. Also, they provide athletes with substantial experience in competitions that build their foundation to move forward. Another major issue worth mentioning is that federations and their Organizing Committees are becoming more and more literate and professional upon the organization of large-scaled events.
The ETU Under 21 Championships will be conducted in April 2017 in Bulgaria, reassuring of their successful accomplishment.
More information to be announced promptly.

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