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The Sport Hall “Olympiysk”in Grozny, Russia hosted today (Monday 25/07/2016) for third day in row the ETU European Taekwondo Under21 Championships.
European athletes from the weight categories -74 kg & -80 kg Males and -62kg & -67kg Females, participated earlier today in order to reach the medal podium, following an event schedule that was comprised of Preliminaries/ Semi-Finals/ Finals and Awarding Ceremonies.
The participated countries that succeeded in stepping up to the podium on Competition Day 3 are Russia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Greece and Hungary.
The leading countries in the general medal standings up to now are Russia, since it’s a holder of 18 medals, with Greece & Turkey to follow · both countries achieved to earn 6 medals each. As a result, the National Team of Russia is still on the top of the list with the most collected medals.

The final places and results:

Male-A -74 kg
FINAL: Kakouris Georgios (CYP) – Khramtcov Maksim (RUS) 7-19
1st place: Khramtcov Maksim (RUS)
2nd place: Kakouris Georgios (CYP)
3rd place: Daurov Kadyrbech (RUS)
3rd place: Kostenevych Kostiantyn (UKR)

Male-A -80 kg
FINAL: Zemledeltsev Andrei (RUS) – Holubowicz Karol (POL) 2-5
1st place: Holubowicz Karol (POL)
2nd place: Zemledeltsev Andrei (RUS)
3rd place: Lazoglu Hasan Can (TUR)
3rd place: Shtylkov Petr (RUS)

Female-A -62kg
FINAL: Koukoumelou Maria (GRE) – Prokudina Kristina (RUS) 3-13
1st place: Prokudina Kristina (RUS)
2nd place: Koukoumelou Maria (GRE)
3rd place: Desylla Ioanna Stavroula (GRE)
3rd place: Bashkirova Valeriia (RUS)

Female-A -67 kg
FINAL: Erensayin Simge (TUR) - Pichugina Anna (RUS) 2-0
1st place: Erensayin Simge (TUR)
2nd place: Pichugina Anna (RUS)
3rd place: Tomazou Souzanna (CYP)
3rd place: Furedi Rebeka (HUN)


Erensayin Simge (TUR): “I was sure that our Team is going to win a gold medal and I also believed in me. Thankfully, I was the one who stepped up the podium for the gold medal. I want to thank my team mates who were extremely supportive, so I would like to dedicate my medal to all the members of my team and especially my coach and my family. My next goal is the Junior World Championships and I will try to do my best.”

Khramtcov Maksim (RUS): “I would like to thank my family, my coach and my friends for been so helpful during my preparation. The level of these Championships was really high and I feel that this was just the beginning. My next stop is the Russian National Championship and afterwards the World Championships in Korea.”

Desylla Ioanna Stavroula (GRE): “I am extremely happy for winning the bronze medal since I tried so hard and now I feel satisfied and glad. My next goal is the Greek Championships where it would be the selection for the Junior World Championships. I would like to mention that the hospitality of Grozny City was excellent. Everything was organised so well and we all enjoy our participations.”

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