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The first Day of Taekwondo at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 was successfully completed today on 17th August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the Carioca Arena 3. Throughout the medal standings, two (2) out of the four (4) women medallists are proving that European women lead the way in Taekwondo. After a series of spectacular matches in the categories Women -49kg and Men -58kg, the Olympic medallists are the following: 
Women -49kg
1st : Kim Sohui(KOR)
2nd: Bogdanovic Tijana (SRB)
3rd : Abakarova Patimat (AZE)
3rd : Wongpattanakit Panipak (THA)
Men -58kg
1st : Zhao Shuai (CHN)
2nd : Hanprab Tawin (THA)
3rd : Pie Luisito (DOM)
3rd : Kim Taehun (KOR)
Bogdanovic Tijana (SRB) – Timeless Golden point
The 18-year-old “athlete of the year 2015” and full promising Serbian athlete showed that she surely stands high in quality. Passionate and determined, she manage to make a series of three victories, the first against Abakarova Patimat (AZE) scoring 3-2, the other confronting Wu Jingyu (CHN) with a high score win of 17-7 and finally she competed against Itzel Adilene Manjarrez Bastidas (MEX), qualifying to the final after scoring 10-0. During a thrilling final match with the Korean Kim Sohui and while the score was 7-6 in favor of the Korean, for clusters of a second, she did not manage to lead the match to the golden point. It might have been the young of her age that finally brought the silver medal, yet Tijana has for sure a long way to go, many more titles to claim and medals to win.
Patimat Abakarova (AZE) – The first medal for Azerbaijan!
The Azerbaijani athlete, despite the fact that she was stopped by the Serbian Bogdanovic Tijana from claiming the top of the podium, had the chance to chase the bronze medal through the repechage, where she competed with the Chinese Jingyu Wu and won scoring 3-4. In the final stage of the repechage she showed her supremacy over the French Aziez and took the bronze medal after her victory of 2-7.
Yasmina Aziez (FRA) – Anxiety never proved a good ally
With a score of 1-2 against Monica Pimentel Rodriguez (ARU), Aziez passed to the quarterfinal where she confronted her lifetime taekwondo opponent Zaninovic Jucija (CRO). The two women had met several times on the terrain during the European Championships in 2010, 2012 and 2014, with the later always being the one who qualified to the next round. Having not met for two years since Baku 2014, Aziez Yasmina managed to win for the first time, qualified to the semifinals, trying to claim a place in the final against the Korean Kim Sohui, yet she did not manage to take the golden point from her opponent. In the final stage of the repechage she found the Azebaijani Abakarova, who left her outside the Olympic podium.
Lucija Zaninovic (CRO) – Golden point(less)
The bronze medalist in London 2012 and gold in Baku 2014 was favored to proceed to the final. After an easy match against Yesbergenova Ainur (KAZ) scoring 18-7, she competed against the French Aziez Yasmina, who she has won several times in the past in 2010,2012 and 2014 European Championship. Unfortunately, her winning opponent did not qualify to the finals, so Lucija did not had the chance to go to the repechage and fight for a place on the podium.
Jesus Tortosa Cabrera (ESP) – So close!
The youngest of the Spanish taekwondo trinity qualified in Rio 2016, stood unlucky from his first fight against the Chinese Zhao Shuai. He took the victory against the Morrocan Hajjami Omar in the repechage round and fought afterwards with the Dominican Pie Luisito, where finally, the second one managed to get the bronze medal after a dramatic tie match leading to the golden point.
Rui Braganca (POR) – Sometimes a bit of luck might do 
One of the most qualified and promising athletes, stood unlucky in the end. Following his spectacular win against Munoz Oviedo (COL) with 14-3, he could not make it to the semifinals, after his loss from the Dominican Pie Luisito. What is more, Braganca did not had the chance to get to the repechage either, since the previous did not manage to get to the final competition.
Si Mohamed Ketbi (BEL) – Weigh off the medals
After being absent for a lot of months from major taekwondo tournaments and a recent weigh gain, Ketbi managed to return to the kilos of his category very fast, yet this might have had weakened him. During his fight with the Australian Safwan Khalil, the later showed his superiority and took the match scoring 1-8.
Ron Atias (ISR) – He has a long way ahead 
The Israeli athlete qualified in Rio 2016 through the European Qualification Tournament in January 2016. As the first Israeli man in Taekwondo having qualified in the Olympics, his expectations did not match his first competition against the local Venilton Teixeira, where he lost by 12 points gap in the 2nd round. Atias did not manage to qualify to the repechage as well, since the Brazilian lost in the quarterfinals and claimed the place.
Levent Tuncat (GER) – Health first 
Due to injury reasons, the team doctor did not permit the German athlete to compete, so his opponent Pie Luisito (DOM) passed bye to the quarterfinals.

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