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Abakarova Patimat writes history for Azerbaijan after winning the bronze medal in Rio 2016 on 17th August in the category -49kg.

This is the first olympic medal for Azerbaijan in the sport of Taekwondo. The young athlete, though left disqualified from her first match against Bogdanovic Tijana (SRB) who finally won the silver, claimed a place in the repechages and managed to go all the way to the podium.


ETU: Even if it is a very common question, how do you feel for this achivement?

Patimat: Currently, cannot express my feelings in words, but one thing I have to tell is that I am very happy.



ETU: You are aware that your Olympic medal has earned a page in the history of Azerbaijani taekwondo since you are the first athlete winning one. What is your comment on this?

Patimat: Yes, I destroyed the chain of bad luck in Olympic Games for Azerbaijani Taekwondo athletes, but at the same time I am sure that it will be the start of Olympic medals collection for my team mates.


ETU: What were the main keys of your success?

PatimatHard work, enhanced trainings and belief…


ETU: What are your wishes and expectations from your team mates in Rio and what do you think about the future of Azerbaijan taekwondo after Olympic Games 2016?

Patimat: Of course, I wish and believe that Radik, Farida and Milad will succeed to collect medals in Rio and hopefully in a different color; I will assist them in trainings and support them during matches. Concerning the future of Azerbaijan taekwondo after the Rio 2016, I am definitely sure of its enlargement, development and popularity.





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