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The second Day of Taekwondo at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 was successfully completed today on 18th August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the Carioca Arena 3. The European Taekwondo Union was represented the by five (5) women in the -57kg category and five (5) in the men -69kg. After a lot of surprises and numerous Europeans qualifying to the medals, the Olympic medal standings are the following: 
Women -57kg
1st : Jade Jones (GBR)
2nd: Eva Calvo (ESP)
3rd : Alizadeh Zenoorin Kimia (IRI)
3rd : Wahba Hedaya (EGY)
Men -68kg
1st : Abughaush Ahmad (JOR)
2nd : Alexey Denisenko (RUS)
3rd : Joel Gonzalez Bonilla (ESP)
3rd : Lee Dae-Hoon Dae-Hoon (KOR)
Jade Jones – The Golden Rule(s)
The British Olympian does it again! Leaving outside her opponents one by one, she is being recognized the supremacy of her standing. Jade competed with the Belgian Asemani Raheleh in the quarterfinals, after flawless appearance against Bakkal Naima (MAR). Passing to semifinals, she faced the young Nikita Glasnovic from Sweden, showing her superiority and moning on to the final. There, she found her familiar opponent Eva Calvo. She knew her and she knew exactly what to do to get that Gold one for the second time. That is why she went head hunting from the 1st round. She won with a mythical score of 16-7 and wrote history. Jade Jones is double Olympic Gold medalist!
Alexey Denisenko (RUS) – Stood tall
The Russian athlete was the one leaving Servet Tazegul out of claiming a title. Firstly, he won Contreras Edgar (VEN) and after his victory against Servet in the quarterfinals scoring 19-6, he confronted the Belgian Achab Jaouad in the semifinals. With a point gap of 6-1, Alexey got the ticket to the final, facing the talented Abughaush Ahmad from Jordan. Seeming unfocused and lost at some point, he never had the chance to chase more points and lost the match by 6-10. The Russian is now Silver Olympic Medalist!.
Eva Calvo (ESP) – Rio’s silver welcome!
Eva Calvo had her first presence in the Olympic Games and managed to go directly to the medals! The Spanish athlete won the silver medal after qualifying to the quarterfinals against Harnsujin Phannapa (THA), then competing with the Iranian Alizadeh Zenoorin Kimia and the Egyptian Wahba Hedaya. In the final she obviously found her lifetime taekwondo opponent Jade Jones, yet the experience of the latter, did not left her much of a space to strike back and claim more points. Eva is now silver Olympic medalist after proving that focus and strategy leads you gradually to your target. 
Joel Gonzalez Bonilla (ESP) – Who said that lightning never strikes twice?
Despite the fact that Joel never seemed very determined of claiming a medal in these Olympic Games, he believed it. His previous experience in London 2012 Olympic Games, his skills, his patience and ability to “read” his opponents led him gradually to the Olympic title. Gonzales Bonilla initially won the Croatian Filip Grgic and moved to the quarterfinals to face Purevjav Temuujin (MNG). Getting the ticket to the semifinals, he confronted the Jordan Abughaush Ahmad, where he did not manage to get further and lost with 12-7. Passing bye to the repechage games and after a very tactical fight against Contreras Edgar from Venezuela, Joel managed to win the bronze medal and become again an Olympic medalist during his second presence in the Olympic Games.
Servet Tazegul (TUR) – Glory days faded
This might have been even the biggest surprise of the day. The numerous times Turkish Champion and Gold medalist in London 2012 did not manage to make it through the medals. In the quarterfinals, he was disqualified by his opponent Alexey Denisenko (RUS), yet with the later qualifying to the finals, Servet got a place in the repachage to claim the bronze medal. There, he confronted Contreras Edgar from Venezuela where he lost and left the glory of the past behind.
Karol Robak (POL) – Not the time of Poland
The talented athlete moved to the quarterfinal after his victory against Dieye Balla (SEN), yet he did not manage to pass to the semifinal as the experienced Achab Jaouad from Belgium stood in his way. Unfortunatelly the Belgian did not make it to the final, so the Polish athlete never had the chance to go to the repechage.
Achab Jaouad (BEL) – Relentless Power
It was obvious that Achab was aiming directly for a medal. Strategic, energetic, and passionate he passed to the quarterfinals against Kassman Maximillion (PNG) and dominated the Polish Robak Karol scoring 7-9. Left behind at his fight with the Russian Alexey Denisenko during the semifinals, he confronted the Silver Olympic medalist in London 2012 Lee Dae-hoon Dae-hoon from Korea, yet despite chasing the turnover up to the last second, he did not manage to reach for the medal. Today, with Achab and Raheleh, the Belgium team closes its presence in Taekwondo. 
Nikita Glasnovic (SWE) – A True Viking 
Taking the qualification for the quarterfinals from the Australian Marton Caroline, Nikita went to a pure Scaninavian match with the Finnish Suvi Mikkonen. Elegantly preserving the difference of the score, she won with 4-7 and went to the semifinals to confront the Jade Jones, where she was defeated since the experience of the second was enough to widen up the score difference. Nevertheless, she made it through the repechage, facing the Iranian Alizadeh Zenoorin Kimia, but never managed to get the bronze medal. The Iranian woman won the title, making her the first Iranian female Olympic medalist.
Asemani Raheleh (BEL) – The dream left in Rio
The almost Olympic Refugee Team member, Raheleh, passed Carstens Carolena from Panama and confronted Jade Jones in the quarterfinals, with the latter being obviously superior. The Belgian woman lost and claimed the bronze medal through the repechage, when after her victory against the Morrocan Bakkal Naima, she faced the Egyptian Wahba Hedaya. With no score throughout the game, the match went to the golden point. The Egyptian women took by surprise Asemani, got the golden point and along with it, the bronze medal and the title of the first Egyptian female Olympic medalist.
Suvi Mikkonen (FIN) – Scandinavian Power
During her first match, Suvi passed the local Vasconcelos Dos Santos Julia and competed against her “neighbor” Nikita Glasnovic from Sweden. Suvi did not manage to turn the game and was left out of the repechage , since the Swedish girl claimed the place later.
Filip Grgic (CRO) – Never had the chance
Indeed, the Croatian athete never had the chance to prove of himself further. He was defeated right from the first fight with the Spanish Olympic Gold medalist in London 2012, Joel Gonzalez Bonilla and never made it to the repechage either, since Bonilla claimed a place and later managed to win the bronze medal as well. 
Ana Zaninovic – No sisters left
The second one of the Zaninovic sisters, Ana, proved misfortunate, since she lost in the first fight against the Iranian athlete. The Iranian was defeated in the round of the quarterfinals, so she did not have the opportunity to go to the repechage and claim a medal.

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