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Suspense has been rising as we are heading towards the finals of the third competition day for Taekwondo inside Arena Carioca 3, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The two weight categories are -80kg Men and -67kg Women. In total, three European athletes will compete to the finals, claiming the Olympic dream.
During the round of the quarterfinals, the head hunter Muhammed Lutalo (GBR) qualified to the next round after his victory against the triple Olympic medalist Steven Lopez (USA) and went to the semifinals to face the Azerbaijani Beigi Harchgani Milad who swept his quarterfinal Iranian opponent Khodabakhshi Mahdi.
Nur Tatar (TUR) got the victory against the German Rabia Guelec and along with it, got one step closer to the medals. Haby Niare (FRA) scored 5-4 against Gbagbi Ruth Marie Christelle (CIV) and passed to the semifinals, where she confronted Farida Azizova from Ajerbaijan, who elegantly took the match in the same round against the 17-year-old Tursunkulova Nigora from Uzbekistan.
Lutalo Muhammed (GBR), after a spectacular game against his Azerbajaini opponent, won a place to the finals.
In the women category, the 23-year-old Haby Niare from France, took the qualification ticket to the final match and will have the chance to claim the top of the podium, giving her country the chance to win its first gold Olympic medal in the sport of Taekwondo.
In the repechage round, the matches after the semifinals for the European athletes are scheduled as following:
Piotr Pazinski (POL) VS Tahir Guelec (GER)
The winner of the match will qualify to the next round and will compete with the Azerbaijani Beigi Harchgani Milad for the bronze medal.
As for women, Farida Azizova (AZE) will face the winner of the match between the Ivory Coast and Haiti.
The Turkish Tatar Nur is also passing bye to the repechage final round confronting the qualifier of the competition match between Canada and Chinese Taipei.
The final competitions according to the category are:
Men -80kg
Lutalo Muhammad (GBR) VS Cisse Cheick Sallah Junior (CIV)
Women -67kg 
Haby Niare (FRA) VS Oh Hyeri (KOR)

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