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What a day!
The surprises are still on fire and no one can forecast anything in Rio 2016. Taekwondo is spreading the Olympic medals in countries and the one record meets the other.  
Muhammad Lutalo (GRB) -80kg – Lost the Gold in a blink of an eye!
Muhammad made sure that everyone would understand that he was on his way to the gold. Indeed, that was the situation up until the last second of that final match with the Ivorian Cisse Cheick. Just in that flash of second the Ivorian scored his final three points, turned the score and got the gold medal. For the record, let us not forget to mention that the Ivorian’s Gold medal is the first Olympic gold medal in the history of Ivory Coast.
Lutalo who performed amazingly every one of his matches, leaving outside the taekwondo myth Steven Lopez and the skillful Azerbaijani Beigi – who eventually won the bronze medal – was so close to the ultimate dream of every athlete, but in the end he changed its color. Muhammad Lutalo is Silver Olympic medalist and Great Britain strikes two out of two medals up to now and claims at the second place on the Rio 2016 Taekwondo Medal Ranking. 
Beigi Harchgani Milad (AZE) – He made it !
The bronze medal was the least he deserved! The Azerbaijani athlete showed his high taekwondo skills and made it all the way to the podium. Leaving outside his opponent from Mali in the round of 16, he made an amazing appearance against the Iranian Khodabakhshi Mahdi and qualified to the semifinals. Yet, his opponent there was Lutalo Muhammad. After a spectacular match, the latter claimed the qualification. Milad passed bye to the repechage and faced the Polish Piotr Pazinski, showed once again his athletic qualifications and got the valuable medal after the crucial match. Milad is the first male Olympic taekwondo medalist for the country of Azerbaijan. 
-80kg Men 
1) Cisse Cheick Sallah Junior (CIV) 
2) Muhammad Lutalo (GBR)
3) Beigi Harchgani Milad (AZE)
3) Oueslati Oussama (TUN)
Haby Niare (FRA) -67kg – Because she believed
Haby had a goal. The Olympic medal. She fought hard, with passion and determination and that lead her to the silver. Qualified to the quarterfinals against her opponent from Haiti, she found Gbagbi Christelle from the Ivory Coast. After a thrilling match she got herself to the semifinals to compete with the well prepared Nur Tatar from Turkey. That is when it seemed that Haby believed it and managed to get the victory in the last seconds. In the final round she stood before the Korean Oh Heyri and chased the top until the end. With a final score 12-13 she delivered an amazing fight! 
Nur Tatar (TUR) – Turkey’s only hope
After Servet Tazegul was left outside the medals, Tatar was the only hope for Turkey, which has quite a big collection of Taekwondo medals. Tatar qualified easily to the quarterfinals against Marton Carmen (AUS) and confronted the German Rabia Guelec. Being more focused, she managed to win the match and move on to the semifinals to compete with the French Haby Niare. Then, she fell behind and did not manage to qualify, yet she fought in the repechage against the Chinese Taipei representative and after thrilling match she made it and won the bronze medal, adding this way to Turkey another Olympic title.
-68kg Women
1) OH Hyen (KOR)
2) Niare Haby (FRA)
3) Tatar Nur (TUR)
3) Gbagbi Ruth Marie Christelle (CIV) 
Aaron Cook (MDA) – well cook-ed
There a quote saying: No expectations, no disappointments. The truth is that Aaron had created a lot of expectations around these Olympic Games. The buzz that had been created around his name, may indeed made the pressure for qualification too much to handle. Therefore, the fact that he lost from the skillful Liu Wei-Ting from Chinese Taipei from the first match, never gave him the chance to continue to the repechage and claim the bronze medal.  Cook admitted in Daily Mail that he was devastated and could not explain what happened:'I felt really good this morning in training,' he said. 'I just feel like I've let everyone down after everything I sacrificed.'
Piotr Pazinski (POL) – Not that polished
Despite the fact that Piotr did not qualify even in the quarterfinals, he got his second chance. His first opponent from Ivory Coast, Cisse Cheick, qualified all the way to the semifinals, so he drew Piotr to the repechage. There, he faced the German Tahir Guelec and got the dream of an Olympic medal one step closer – just one - since afterwards he was stopped by the Azerbaijani who won the bronze medal eventually. Piotr recognized the superiority of his opponent, rising the latter’s hand high after the match was over.
Tahir Guelec (GER) - Auf wiedersehen
Tahir qualified to the quarterfinals, yet there, he lost from Cisse Cheick from (CIV). His expectations bloomed once more, when he got to the repechage. Unfortunately not for much, since he was stopped by the Polish Pazinski.
Albert Gaun (RUS) – Wore the invisible gown
The Russian athlete did not show much of his potential, since he lost from the experienced and familiar in the Olympic Games American, Steven Lopez, in the round of 16. Steven Lopez claimed later a place in the repechage, leaving Gaun almost invisible in these Olympic Games.
Farida Azizova (AZE) - Remember her name
Farida did not manage to get herself to the medals, despite her skillset exhibition throughout her matches. She passed bye to the repechage by her loss in the semifinals by the Korean Olympian, yet she lost by the Ivorian Gbagbi. Her potential throughout the competition were more than obvious, proving that she has a long way ahead for Taekwondo glory.
Rabia Guelec (GER) – Gave her best but didn't make it !
The German athlete made it up until the quarterfinal round qualifying against Baryshnikova, yet afterwards, she was stopped by Nur Tatar who finally got the bronze medal, hence she never made it to the repechage round.
Johansson Elin (SWE) –  Not that superior indeed
Competing with the young Uzbek Tursunkulova Nigora in the round of 16, the match got to the golden point. After no scoring at all, and since the time had been completed, the Uzbek girl won the match by superiority and thus left Johansson no chance to move on, not even in the repechage.
Baryshnikova Anastasiia (RUS) – Hit the wall
The talented Russian athlete ended her journey in Rio 2016 too early. She got by surprise in her first match competing with Rabia Guelec (GER) and never had the chance to show her taekwondo skills, since Rabia did not qualify later and thus claimed a place in the repechage.





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