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ETU first continent in MEDALS!!!!
Thank you Rio 2016!
Amazing records for ETU at the Olympic Games in Rio! Jade Jones for Great Britain made herself the only European athlete with 2 Gold medals in Olympic Games in the row. Her outstanding determination to succeed and stand at the first step of the podium reward her  with a gold medal in -57kg for women and the third position of Great Britain in the Medal Standings of Rio 2016.   
We might have lost the leading position with a European country in Medal Standings (London 2012 – Spain 1 Gold & 2 Silver), but the statistics are still with our side since we are the first continent in medal collection at Rio 2016! ETU collected 12 medals, with ATU following with 11, AFTU with 5 and PATU with 4. “And this is the result of the development of the sport in Europe” stated ETU President, Sakis Pragalos and continued: “The job of all the National Federations in Europe is outstanding and the opportunities of competitions for athletes are numerous. Congratulations to the 42 athletes that participated and for the results of their efforts.”
Statistics RIO 2016 (in total 32 medals)
* 7 countries from Europe, in total 12 medals:  2 Gold Great Britain, Azerbaijan/ 5 Silver Great Britain, Spain, France, Russia, Serbia/ 5 Bronze Great Britain, Azerbaijan, Spain, Turkey
* First country South Korea with 5 medals (2G/3B), second China (2G)  and third Great Britain (1G/1S/1B)  
When it comes to news
Europe has now a new record to celebrate. The double Olympic Gold medal by Jade Jones (GBR) starts a new countdown to 2020 with all our hopes to achieve the unique world record with 3 in the row! Amazing results for Great Britain to bring 3 out 4 medals with 1Gold Jade Jones F-57kg / 1Silver Muhammad Luttalo M-80kg/ 1Bronze Bianca Walkden F+67kg. To this successful course Azerbaijan adds an amazing determination to make it to the medals in Olympics. It might have taken four Olympic Games to achieve, but the Gold medal of Radik Isaev, opens a new page in the country’s Olympic history. Also amazing harvest for Azerbaijan with 3 out 4 medals: 1Gold Radik Isaev M+80kg and 2Bronze Abarakova Patimat F-49kg & Beigi Harchgani Milad M-80kg.
The medals of European Team Countries are:
7 Women / 5 Men
The big surprises – in general!
No forecasts predicted all the things that happened in Rio. Olympic medalists left out, World Champions didn’t make it to the quarterfinals, and athletes were non show in weight in. In world range, the surprises started by day one. The importance is that, the sport provided a huge medal spread and especially to countries with no medals in Olympics. Ahmad Abughaush from Jordan delivered the first ever medal the country has won in Olympic competition and it was gold. In the same weight category F-57kg, the Islamic Republic of Iran won the first Olympic medal for a woman by Alizadeh Zenoorin and Egypt won their first medal for woman in taekwondo by Hedaya Wahba.  For the first time in Olympic taekwondo history, AFTU collects five medals, one more than PATU. Also, taekwondo stars proved forecasts wrong and stayed out of the medals. Among them the Gold medalist Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Jingyu Wu (CHN -49kg) and Steven Lopez (USA) that participated for the fifth time in Olympic Games.  
STATISTICS retrospection by Olympic Games
SYDNEY 2000(in total 24 medals)
* 7 countries from Europe in total 7medals:  1 Gold Greece/ 4 Silver Germany, Norway, Russia, Spain/ 2 Bronze France, Turkey
* First country South Korea with 4 medals (3G,1S) 
* First GOLD medal for Europe
ATHENS 2004(in total 24 medals)
* 3 countries from Europe in total 5 medals: 4 Silver Greece, France, Turkey/ 1 Bronze France
* First country Chinese Taipei with 3 medals (2G,1S) ASIA
BEIJIING 2008 (in total 32 medals)
* 7 countries from Europe in total 9 medals:  4 Silver Turkey, Greece, Italy, Norway / 5 Bronze Turkey, Croatia, France, Great Britain 
* First country South Korea with 4 medals (4G) 
LONDON 2012(in total 32 medals)
* 9 countries from Europe in total 16 medals: 5 Gold Spain, Turkey, Great Britain, Italy, Serbia/ 4 Silver Spain, Turkey, France/ 7 Bronze Great Britain, Italy, France, Russia, Croatia, Germany
* For the first time we have a European country leading! Spain with 3 medals (1G,2S)

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