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Athens – Long term partners Daedo International and the European Taekwondo Union have reached an agreement on continuing future cooperation. President Pragalos of the ETU is ‘delighted and proud’ to announce that the partnership with Daedo International will continue in the next Olympic cycle.


Daedo International and the ETU have been partners for years. It was ETU who provided Daedo with the access to its European events and it was the Daedo PSS that strengthened those events. Today, they reached an agreement together securing their partnership for the next 4 years, Daedo International will continue to support ETU and will provide the PSS and E-headgear (GEN2) exclusively to all ETU events. Furthermore, through this new agreement Daedo will support Organizing Committees (OCs) of ETU events by offering a special rent fee for renting the PSS (GEN2). Should the OC decide to purchase the PSS instead of renting, Daedo will also offer a special price.


ETU strongly recommends and urges all G-ranked recognized Open Championships to use the Daedo PSS and E-headgear (GEN2). The OCs of the G-ranked events recognized by ETU will be able to profit from the same special renting fees offered by Daedo through the newly signed agreement, and special prices if the Daedo PSS and E-Headgears is purchased for the event. For more details, OCs are requested to contact the ETU Office.

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