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The 5th European Clubs Taekwondo Championships were successfully completed between 6-9 February 2017 in Antalya, Turkey. The competitions were held in Maritim Pine Resort Hotel in the area of Belek, a coastal resort with all the necessary facilities to host a taekwondo event in its major venue and hall areas.

For one more year, the open european event attracted a significant number of competitors, not only from Europe, but from other continents as well. In detail, the total competitors of the championships summed up to 797, where 232 of them were cadets, 268 of the competitors were juniors, while the seniors reached the number of 297 participants.

The countries that participated in the championships were twenty-six (26) and the overall number of teams that were registered in the event were one hundred and seventy-one (171).

Along with the Kids Championships, the Clubs Championships were the first European and the first continental championships to implement the new WTF taekwondo regulation policy. It was also the International Referees' first appearence in the recently introduced uniforms in total white. Participating in the first European G Ranking event for 2017, the taekwondo athletes have already begin the points accumulation for the new season, while adjust to the new rules of the game.


ETU Secretary-General Michail Fysentzidis stated: “A new era has surfaced for Taekwondo and Europe took the lead with the 3rd European Kids Taekwondo Championships and the 5th European Clubs Taekwondo Championships. These two events were the first continental Championships, where the athletes competed under the new WTF Taekwondo rules.  It is very promising to watch the taekwondo athletes’ adaptability to new competing policy and consequently to new training processes. It is also very important for all the taekwondo athletes to accumulate as much experience as they can by participating in official G-Ranking and European Championships, in order to familiarize and adapt to the new in-field competing environment as soon as possible.”


For the detailed results of the 5th European Clubs Taekwondo Championships, please follow the link: http://bit.ly/2l0wTyO

Below you will find the overall Club Ranking of the 5rd European Clubs Taekwondo Championships:

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