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The Republic of Moldova held for first time the honorary awards regarding the legislative forum for exceptional results in various activities, including sports. On the occasion of the Independence Day, the superior ceremony took place and the distinct awards were presented by the Chairman of the Parliament Andrian Candu.


During the relevant event Mr. Andrian Candu presented the Medal of Democracy award and also the honorary certificates of various sectors. The WTE Vice-President and WT Moldova President Igor Iuzefovici was awarded with the honorary diploma for his substantial contribution to the development of sport in the Republic of Moldova.


Concerning his award, the WTE Vice-President and WT Moldova President Igor Iuzefovici stated: “It’s nice to realize that the Moldavian Parliament gave such a high appraisal of the development of Taekwondo. Thank you for your trust; we will try to justify the hopes placed on us in the future. In recent years, we have been able to multiply our achievements through optimism and a well-coordinated team. We are working in order to promote Moldavian sport and we are confident that Moldova will become as we wish”.


It is worth mentioning that Mr. Igor Iuzefovici was the only nominee in the category of “Promoting Moldavian Sport”, since the WT Moldova has been growing and expanding rapidly under the leadership of Mr. Iuzefovici.


Undeniably the transfer and naturalize of the elite athlete Aaron Cook who is a Moldova representative the recently years was a giant step forward. Aaron Cook was the first representative for Moldova in Taekwondo sport in the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Moreover, the International G-1 Moldova Open Tournament was successfully held in Chisinau with more than 400 athletes from 35 countries and even more to come for Moldavian Taekwondo with the vital support of the World Taekwondo and WTE to achieve greater Taekwondo activities. 

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