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World Taekwondo Europe empowers even more its solid representation in World Taekwondo. As was announced recently, Mr. Usman Dildar who serves as Vice President of the British Taekwondo, has been appointed by Dr. Choue as Para-taekwondo Games Committee Chairman.


Also among the European appointeesare the WTE Vice-President and Israel Taekwondo Federation President Michel Madar as WT Media Committee Chairman, and the WTE Council Member Chakir Chelbat who has been appointed Chairman of the Para-taekwondo Technical & Referee Committee.


The World TaekwondoCommittees cover a wide spectrum of operations of the divisions of the sport. The experience, expertise and recognition from the taekwondo family are some of the characteristics applying to the appointed chairmen of the WT Committees.


WTE is proud to widen its representation within World Taekwondo,in evidence of the development of the sport throughoutthe continent, but in an international appealas well.


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