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Saturday 7 October 2017

The Hungarian Taekwondo Federation attained in delivering a contemporary and modernising event at the Competition Venue BOK and thus all the individuals enjoyed the topmost their participation.


One of the key factors of this result was the contribution and effort of the HTF Secretary-General Kazinczy Viktor to the event. The background of Viktor is linked to the Taekwondo sport for more than 20 years. Viktor since childhood was a Taekwondo active practitioner and member of the Hungarian National Team. Well along he made his first steps in the HTF as a volunteer, then he became an Executive Manager while simultaneously studied BSc Sports Management and MSc in Management.


Since February 2017, Viktor holds the position of the HTF Secretary-General and the WTE European Cadet Championships 2017 was the finest opportunity for him to implement the primary goals he set in his career.


As Victor stated during his interview to the WTE website, the popularization of Taekwondo sport within Hungary is a major goal for him and the Federation. Continuing he added: “This event is a great opportunity to promote the sport in our country. We have our specific plan concerning the Marketing and the Operational line we follow in order to modernize the Championships' outcome and thus Taekwondo will be even more attractive to the new athletes.”


Moreover, the HTF Secretary General explained that the antagonism between sports’ popularity is very high in Hungary and this is the reason why the key target of the Federation is to develop and promote the sport by organising vital Taekwondo events with innovations and novelties. Additionally, by attracting new athletes to the sport and increase the number of practitioners, HTF will have more successes during Taekwondo and other significant sporting events.


“I am really happy with the realization and the outcome of the Championships since I tried my best concerning the recruitment of my co-workers. I tried to find ideal and inspiring individuals to be comprised in my team so to accomplish an event that will be a memorable experience for everyone.”


Great achievements and goals implementations cannot be done without the support and thus Victor highlighted that feels extremely happy for working next to to the HTF President Miklos Patakfalvy.


“Mr. Miklos is a great personality, a very kind person and is enormously supporting to the others. I feel grateful for cooperating with him and so our ideas and actions bring the best of the results. Hopefully, in the future and always by his side, we can achieve even more experiences and successes.”


Concluding, Victor referred to the results of the competition and the two medals accomplished by the Hungarian representatives and mentioned that he has confidence in one medal more to come today.




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