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«Master the Taekwondo Power Inspired by Marvel Super Heroes!» is the slogan Daedo presented to its key partners on November 11th at Barcelona Renaissance Hotel, during its Official Presentation of Marvel Daedo Collection.

Daedo, Gold Sponsor, lifetime partner of World Taekwondo Europe and an internationally well-known Sports equipment and apparels brand specialized in Martial Arts, aims to take another innovative step forward by announcing its official partnership with Disney for a project to create Marvel Licensed Products for Taekwondo.


Innovative and contemporary, as the era of our times commands, Daedo established a partnership with Marvel, launching a revolutionary Taekwondo equipment collection that will rejuvenate the way Generation Alpha perceives the sport. The project originates from Daedo’s core value and purpose to make the world of Taekwondo and Martial Arts more fun and exciting, especially for the children.

The products presented and displayed at the event were the first line ups of the Marvel Daedo Collection with Trunk Protectors, Electronic Trunk Protectors, Forearm guards, Shin guards, Hand Protectors, and performance apparels, all featuring the genuine designs and colors of the Marvel Super Heroes as Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Hulk.


The presentation of the new product line was recently realized in the presence of many Taekwondo personalities from milestone countries practicing taekwondo as USA, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, China, Korea, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, etc. Scraping Marvel superheroes together, Daedo brings their superpowers in Taekwondo with Ironman style electronic chest protectors, Spiderman chest protectors, Captain America forearm, shin and hand guards.

The collection will be available to the little taekwondo superheroes from the early 2018. The gear can be found internationally, fits for children between 4 and 13, and as Daedo confirms, this project will not be a limited edition, but will be part of its official collection and more Super Hero designs will be introduced. The aim of the project is to attract children to Taekwondo through more fun and exciting perspective, aligned to the needs and the way children grow up.

The Superheroes represent the 5 values of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. These values are best represented through Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America and Ironman, crafting the best idols to pass them to childen.

The objective of the project is to help kids develop their natural speed, agility and strength needs by enjoying themselves and being motivated.

We cannot think of a better motive for children than to become a superhero, so we are getting ready for the new League of Taekwondo!


To be continued...


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