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Dear Taekwondo Family,


We are at the start of one more exceptional Taekwondo year and on this occasion, I would like to convey my warmest wishes and sincere appreciation to all of you and welcome the New Year 2018.


Upon New Year’s celebration, we make our wishes and set our new goals while evaluating what we have attained in the past. As the year 2017 ended and a new one begins, I can say that the past 12 months have been marked by noteworthy achievements.


Coming to an end of a very eventful and productive year, 2017 has been highlighted as one more step towards expanding the Taekwondo horizons. This could not be done without the support of our MNAs, the WTE Executive Board and Council, our partner and gold sponsor DAEDO and of course our precious athletes, coaches and referees.


Our objective is always to attract new athletes and keep athletes competitive. Looking back, among some of last year’s outstanding events was the 2nd edition of the WT President’s Cup in Athens, Greece, with 2,182 international athletes from 51 countries and 14 Olympic medallists among them.


Being co-organizers of the inaugural 1st WTF World Taekwondo Beach Championships, promoted by World Taekwondo, was another accomplishment, as the opening ceremony was shortlisted for the ‘Initiative of the Year award category at the Peace and Sports Awards 2017. As a result, the successful championships will be organized in Rhodes Island, Greece once again in 2018. Introducing the 1st WTE Open European Master Championships, also gave the chance to participants to claim a European title. In between all the seven WTE Championships, WTE organized five New Coaches Seminars across the continent to educate and facilitate coaches in obtaining the Coach License.


First and foremost, I am grateful to World Taekwondo President Dr. Choue, to have received his support in all WTE actions. His contribution and initiatives are a luminary to the sport and society, and the inclusion of the Para-Taekwondo in the Paralympics, the continuous development of Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation and innovative events as the Beach Championships, strongly display the pinnacle of Taekwondo. Inspired by his work, I am also thankful for my re-election in the 2017 CU elections, and for entrusting me in keeping the taekwondo vision and spirit alive in Europe.


As we look ahead, in 2018 we will see our milestone event, the European Championships in Kazan, Russia. WTE also introduces the Taekwondo Multi Championships, featuring all ages and styles of taekwondo together, while the 3rd President’s Cup is expected to grow a lot bigger.


Together we will continue to build on the taekwondo we have dreamt, embracing and passing its value to the next generations. I wish to each and every one of you a very happy, peaceful, motivated and successful New Year 2018.


With kind regards,


Sakis Pragalos

WTE President & WT Vice-President




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