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Dear Referee/ Dear All,


World Taekwondo Europe has been always striving for the improvement of services, procedures and operations throughout the different interest groups in Taekwondo.


In regards to this, we are glad to announce the launch of the WTE Referee Database. The WTE Referee Database is a platform that facilitates the IRs procedures in applying to officiate in the WTE official events.


How it works:

1. Sign up in www.tkdreferee.com

2. Find the WTE official event(s) you are interested in participating.

3. Register your interest

4. That was all! You will be notified in due time, if your participation application has been approved.


For any inquiries or additional information, we are at your disposal.


With kind regards,

WTE Office

W.T.E Sponsors

Dae Do.

Mas TKD.