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The Taekwondo Grandmaster SEO-YOON-NAM visited the World Taekwondo Europe headquarters and met with WTE President Sakis Pragalos. Grandmaster Seo left Munich to visit WTE and recall historic moments of the early stages of taekwondo in Europe. The two figureheads of the sport share a long-lasting friendship which dates to 1976, when President Sakis Pragalos was being examined for black belt. Grandmaster Seo was one of the few examiners of that time along with President Sakis Pragalos' Master Cho-Bok-Nam, with whom also shared a longterm friendship.

Grandmaster Seo was born in 1937 in Goheung (South Korea). He studied law before coming to Munich in 1967 to teach and promote Taekwondo martial arts. He is Grandmaster with 9th Dan and sets in his "Dochang" (training studio) above all on a balanced, health-friendly training for all ages. To this day, thousands of students benefit from his profound knowledge of adapting to the forces of nature and the unity of body and mind.Grandmaster Seo exudes pure joy of life at over 70 years of age. Still flexible as a bamboo in both mind and body, in his recent book “Master Seo and the mystery of the moment – Holistic body and meditation training” he reveals his secret of life: how to stay healthy, happy and ease in simple ways, no matter how young or old you are. Being a natural “health school” of both mental and physical priorities, he teaches how to improve muscle and organ functions as well as the spiritual energy.



Despite his years, he also embraces the technology through all the up-to-date digital communication channels. Through his youtube channel, the followers of the body-mind-soul triangle can watch his videos and his practicing methods towards successful well-being. 

Grandmaster Seo is one of the milestone personalities in the history of taekwondo, communicating the best the holistic benefits of the sport in its art form and in our everyday life routine. He gives food for thought through life coaching, and reminds us the deep roots of taekwondo values as the Korean folk song that sings of a hiker’s journey difficulties over a mountain pass.


Thank you, Grandmaster SEO-YOON-NAM.

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