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Sweden Suspended as Member of ETU


The Swedish Taekondo Federation has been in violation of the WTF and ETU Statutes. At the time ETU was informed about this situation, the federation was requested to make the necessary changes to the statutes. However, after some months, no change had been made. Therefore, ETU started judicial procedures against the federation.

First, a Sanctions Committee ruled on the case and decided for the STF to be suspended. The federation appealed to this decision, and asked not for suspension, but for demoted membership, which means a punishment, but less severe than the suspension punishment. By doing this, the federation agreed with the findings of the Committee, but disagreed with the sanction. To rule on the appeal, ETU appointed an Investigations Committee and this committee is the organ to advise the Appeal Committee.

Based on the report of the Investigations Committee, the Appeal Committee upheld the decision and denied the appeal. Therefore, the Swedish Taekwondo Federation is suspended as member of ETU.

This decision means that the athletes of the Swedish Taekwondo Federation are no longer allowed to compete at events in Europe. All members of ETU are informed of the decision and are urged to upheld this decision upheld within the federation and within events that take place in the federations.


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