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(Ljubljana, 30 January 2018) – World Taekwondo Europe is pleased to announce the signature of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the WTE and the EUSA (European University Sports Association). On behalf of World Taekwondo Europe, WTE Council Member Dr. Siniša Jasnić  and EUSA President Adam Rocek signed the MoU that intends to record the preliminary mutual understanding between the two parties and serve as a platform for further activities.


The sport of Taekwondo stands for one of the most popular sports in schools and universities,and thus it was officially presented on the 1st edition of EUSA Taekwondo Universities Championship 2010. Since then, the continuous growing number of participantsand quality of performance, has raised expectations inhosting the best edition of TaekwondoChampionshipin EUSA during 2018.


The main objectives of the present MoU between WTE and EUSA are to strengthen the cooperation and partnership between the two organizations, enhance the collaboration in activities and projects promoting university sport in Europe - with a special focus on Taekwondo competitions for students, promote and contribute to the development of Taekwondo competitions  among students (such as European Universities Games, Championships or other EUSA Taekwondo Competitions), exchange of information using the organizations’ platforms, and explore wider synergy opportunities arising from the mutual cooperation and acknowledgement.


Among the actions undertaken between WTE and EUSA to identify areas of cooperation on a mid and longer-term perspective, are the inclusion of EUSA Taekwondo competitions in the WTE competition calendar, the coordination of dates for EUSA Taekwondo competitions, and the publishing of results of the EUSA Taekwondo competitions on WTE website and other official digital and traditional communication channels. Also, the MoU establishes the foundations of referring by encouraging its members to cooperate at national level, promoting the EUSA competitions and the exchanging of relevant Taekwondo rules and competition data.


About EUSA:

EUSA is an umbrella sport organization consisting of 45 members, which are the National University Sports Associations and is a FISU (International University Sports Association) member (more information about EUSA: http://www.eusa.eu)

The EUSA Sports Program counts 20 sports, while EUSA events consist of Championships being held in odd years and Games being held in even years. The 3rd edition of European Universities Games, held in Zagreb and Rijeka in 2016, stands for the biggest European sport event in 2016 by numbers, counting more than 5500 athletes and more than 2000 volunteers.

EUSA cooperates with several sports federations (i.e. EPC – European Paralympic Committee, EBL – bridge, EHF – handball, IFSC – sport climbing, ECU – chess, IDO – dance, BEC – badminton, Rugby Europe and few others - http://www.eusa.eu/eusa/partners-sponsors).

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