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The 6th European Clubs Championships continued for the second day in WOW Convention Center Sports hall in Istanbul, Turkey. The second competition day included matches of the Junior Male category from 45 - +78 kg, Junior Female from 42 – +68 kg and Senior Male from 55 – 74 kg. The host country was unsurprisingly among the standouts of the day, and as its potential has shown, it will probably be one of the dominant medalist countries of the overall event.

The Clubs Taekwondo Championships which started in 2012 have escalated in terms of participation, in both official national teams and individual clubs. The inaugural event back in 2012 had started with only a few hundred of participants, yet up to now, this number has overpassed the one thousand competitors. Up to now, almost half of the overall 1.013 athletes that registered in the event, have already competed to claim a medal.

After all the elimination rounds, the quarter and the semifinals of the four (4) in total terrains in the sports hall and at the end of the competition day, WT and WTE delegates awarded the young medalists, and renewed the clubs meeting for tomorrow, the 3rd day of the event.

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