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After the declaration of Sofia; the capital city of Bulgaria, as the official city of sport for 2018, and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU from 1 January - 30 June 2018, the local agenda of “education, youth, culture and sport” will work towards promoting European values through sport, fighting against the use of doping in sport, and establishing the concept of “sport for all” as means of integration and a bridge between tradition and innovation.

Taking such initiatives include Bulgaria becoming the most massive taekwondo host country of the year. Apart from the WTE Under 21, the Olympic Weight Categories Taekwondo Championships and the European Parataekwondo Championships that Sofia hosted during 2017, the city of Plovdiv will now become the host of the inaugural WTE OPEN MULTI EUROPEAN TAEKWON-DO-IT GAMES. The event will last about half a month starting from the  31st May 2018, including both Kyorugi and Poomsae disciplines in all age categories.

In detail regarding the event, WTE OPEN MULTI EUROPEAN TAEKWON-DO-IT GAMES will be an open G-1 ranking tournament. It is the world’s biggest taekwondo tournament, since it will include competitors from all age categories – children, cadets, juniors, juniors U21, seniors, par taekwondo and veterans from all disciplines. Also, Referee and Coach Seminars for New Coach Licenses will be conducted before the event, as well as PUM/DAN exams for athletes. Under discussion remains an additional number of events that is discussed to be added throughout the games, under the regulation of World Taekwondo and KUKKIWON.


The WTE competition tournament coincide with the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU. Thus, numerous of European authorities and members of the European Parliament will include a visit in Bulgaria and Plovdiv in their official agenda, which can be proved a great opportunity not only to highlight the European Taekwondo in all its stages, but also exhibit the highest of its quality, its technical preciseness and both the mental and physical discipline required for someone to actually master taekwondo.



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