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The World Taekwondo Europe delivers two more WTE Coaches Seminars, Poomsae and Kyorugi in June 5, 2018 addressed to candidates who wish to become recognised Taekwondo coaches.

In detail, on the occasion of the massive 1st WTE Open Multi Championships 2018, coaches will have the chance to attend one WTE Poomsae Coaches Seminar & one WTE Kyorugi Coaches Seminar that will be held at Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The relevant seminars are mandatory for coaches/trainers who wish to have the right in coaching during G-status Tournaments and European Championships.

Moreover, it is a great chance for candidates to enrich their knowledge concerning Taekwondo rules and regulations as essential information and simultaneously get authorized to coach their athletes at the vital WTE events with a two-year coaching license.

Hence the highest level of coaching results in the best possible performances of European athletes in all level of competitions globally.

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WTE Kyorugi, Coaches Seminar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

WTE Poomsae, Coaches Seminar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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