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WTE European Championships Kazan 2018 - Second Day Participating Divisions:


Female Categories: -53kg / -57kg

Male Categories: -63kg / -68kg



*PARTICIPATION:  20 Athletes

*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Tatiana Kudashova (RUS),2nd place: Patimat Abakarova (AZE) and 3rd places: Zeliha Agris (TUR) & Floriane Liborio (FRA).


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Kudashova Tatiana (RUS), Tarvida Inese (LAT), Dosucukur Zehra (TUR), Folgmann Madeline (GER)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: Since the silver Olympic medallist Tijana Bogdanovic switched into the -53kg, the claim of the gold medal in the relevant category is expected to be more than exciting. The Serbian representative will face the Montreux 2016 European Champion and silver world 2017, Tatiana Kudashova. The world’s No2 spends a period of an admirable competing condition having shown lately in WT President's Cup that she comes in the mat for the gold one. The way to the delightful places on the podium won’t be easy for the athletes since the antagonism raises up with the participation of World’s No4 Inese Tarvida, who recently faced Kudashova in a final match, the silver European medallist Ana Petrusic and World’s No3 Madeline Folgmann.


Since the European representatives of the category, hold the highest places on the World Ranking, it is expecting to be one of the favorites categories concerning the action and energy of the fighters who will strive to achieve the prestigious titles.



*PARTICIPATION:  28 Athletes

*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Jade Jones (GBR) 2nd place: Nikita Glasnovic (SWE) and 3rd places: Raheleh Asemani (BEL) & Martina Zubcic (CRO)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Ilgun Hatice Kubra (TUR), Vuletic Bruna (CRO), Tarvida Jolanta (LAT)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: She is on the top of the World and achieved everything in her career. Double Olympic Champion Jade Jones is undeniably the No1 favorite for the gold medal which will count her second one in a row in European level. The challenge over here is the rival that will manage to ensure the place in the final match against the “Headhunter”. The world’s No3 Hatice Kubra Ilgun of Turkey climbed on the second place in World Championships Muju 2017, where Jade Jones won the bronze medal. The Turkish practitioner looks the favorite one to be the finalist of the European Championships match, having won the gold one in her “final rehearsal” in WT President’s Cup two weeks prior the WTE major event. 


Males -63kg

*PARTICIPATION:   27 Athletes

*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Jaouad Achab (BEL) 2nd place: Jaroslaw Mecmajer (POL) and 3rd places: Stevens Barclais (FRA) & Joel Gonzalez Bonilla (ESP)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Andrienko Pavel (RUS), Brecic Lovre (CRO), Chellamotoo Dylan (FRA), Perez Casanova Mario (ESP)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: Belgium’s representative that leads the World Ranking, Jaouad Achab is the utter favored to win. Although, Lovre Brecic (CRO) World’s No3 has a striking mode in tournaments but he misses out one European medal. Things get even more complicated concerning the winners’ podium with the participation of World’s No8 Deni Andrun Razic and World’s No9 Hakan Recber of Turkey.


Last but not least, the participating level of -63kg category and the cubit of difficulty gets even higher by the presence of the double Olympic medallist Joel Gonzalez Bonilla (EPS) in the mat. Having celebrated both World and European titles, Joel won’t miss the chance to achieve one more in his career


Males -68kg

*PARTICIPATION:  35 Athletes

*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Servet Tazegul (TUR) 2nd place: Hamza Adnan-Karim (GER) and 3rd places: Sergey Vardazaryan (ARM) & Konstantin Minin (RUS)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Tcakoev Sarmat (RUS), Krasnov Boris (RUS), Ketbi Si Mohamed (BEL), Perez Polo Javier (ESP)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: The fight for the final winners of the relevant category is expecting to be fascinating since by the absenteeism of Servet Tazegul and Alexey Deniskenko the admittance to the first places of the division will give to the participants' motivation for claiming a medal.

The Montreux 2016 bronze medallist Sergey Vardazaryan targets the gold one and so as the silver World medallist Si Mohamed Ketbi of Belgium.  Also, interesting will be the participation of Mahammad Mammadov who holds the World’s No5 place and bronze World medal in -63kg category and he will get on the mat in Kazan challenging himself in a heavier division.


Photo Credits: Denis Sekrevet & Amandine Lauriol

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