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The Council of World Taekwondo Europe will at its meeting on August 2018 review and discuss the Business Plan, Operations report and new Financial policy of World Taekwondo Europe. In the Business Plan, long-term and short-term goals are formulated. The Operations Report covers an overview of the operations of World Taekwondo Europe in 2017. The Financial policy is aimed at more transparency and to ban all cash money transactions.

On the long run, World Taekwondo Europe aims at providing the best climate in Europe for athletes to reach their ultimate goal: winning (gold) medals at the Olympics. For this purpose, WTE aims at hosting high quality events for athletes to meet the best opponents, providing high quality educational courses for athletes and coaches and support for federations in their Olympic journey.

But the strategic goals not only focus on elite athletes and coaches. World Taekwondo Europe will further analyze its client groups and will present a roadmap for 2019-2020 to provide events for different client groups. In October 2018, a first step is made by organizing the first ever Hanmadang – in close cooperation with Kukkiwon - in Athens. Next to traditional Kukkiwon Poomsae the event will host breaking competition as well.

World Taekwondo Europe will also work closely together with its main sponsor Daedo International – who celebrates its 35th anniversary in August of this year! Their new Marvel theme body protectors and products are an excellent example for new and innovative children’s competition.

The operations of World Taekwondo Europe are managed from the office in Athens (Greece) and Rotterdam (Netherlands). The Director-General in the Athens office and deputy Secretary-General in the Rotterdam office have both their own responsibilities with regard to the operations and report directly to the Secretary-General and President. They are in charge of the relevant Committees and have to make sure the organizational operations run smoothly.

To be compliant with the general accepted financial and accounting standards, World Taekwondo Europe will ban all cash money transactions. At events, entry fees have to be paid either by bank transfer or with a bank credit or debit card on site. Payments to officials and workforce will be made in the future by bank transfer or by providing a debit card. The Financial report will be available at the download/documents section of the website.




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