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The curtain falls today on Sunday 1st July for the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, Spain. The event was launched on 22 June, where overall 26 nations participated with 4,542 athletes in total 28 different sports.

Taekwondo gave a strong presence in the games, offering an Olympic glimpse of some of the names that will be featured in Tokyo 2020.

A sum of 116 taekwondo athletes participated, with 72 of them from the 19 European countries that represented the sport. In detail, 41 out of 52 male athletes came from Europe and 31 out of the total 64 participating women and the participating countries were Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Former Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey.

Taekwondo competitions run from 28-30 July, in the eight Olympic categories of the sport and for one more time, European taekwondo athletes mastered the medal standings by achieving the highest in rankings. European taekwondo achieved a total 26 out of the 32 medals of the event, which counts for the 81% in the overall medal giving.

What is more, 14 out of 16 medals in male category, and 12 out of 16 in the female category came from Europe, while the final medal standings ranking in countries were Spain, Turkey, Croatia and Serbia.

For taekwondo athletes who are already in their “Road to Tokyo”, the 2018 Mediterranean Games represent a very notable rehearsal to weigh both their progress and competitors and adjust accordingly for the upcoming two years and the second part of their Olympic journey if they aspire to scale up in ranking.


The overall results of the competition categories are the following:


Men's Less than 58 Kg

Spain TORTOSA CABRERA Jesus      Gold

Portugal BRAGANÇA Rui                   Silver

Tunisia NEFFATI Hedi                        Bronze

Serbia GLADOVIC Milos                    Bronze


Men's Less than 68 Kg        

Spain PEREZ POLO Javier                 Gold

Greece CHAMALIDIS Konstantinos     Silver

Turkey RECBER Hakan                     Bronze

Italy SPINOSA Davide                       Bronze


Men's Less than 80 Kg

Spain MARTINEZ GARCIA Raul         Gold

Egypt EISSA Seif                               Silver

Turkey SARI Yunus                            Bronze

Portugal FERREIRA Júlio                   Bronze


Men's More than 80 Kg       

Spain ROS GOMEZ Daniel                 Gold

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia GEORGIEVSKI Dejan   Silver

Turkey ATESLI Emre Kutalmıs           Bronze

France MIANGUE Yoann Alexandre   Bronze


Women's Less than 49 Kg  

Turkey YILDIRIM Rukiye                   Gold

Croatia TOMIC Kristina                    Silver

Serbia STANKOVIC Vanja                 Bronze

Morocco EL BOUCHTI Oumaima      Bronze


Women's Less than 57 Kg  

Turkey YAMAN Irem                         Gold

Egypt ELSAYED NADA Radwan        Silver

Spain CALVO GOMEZ Marta            Bronze

Croatia GLASNOVIC Nikita              Bronze


Women's Less than 67 Kg  

Croatia JELIC Matea                         Gold

France LAURIN Althea                      Silver

Egypt WAHBA Hedaya                      Bronze

Slovenia LEMAJIC Dunja                  Bronze


Women's More than 67 Kg 

Serbia BAJIC Ana                             Gold

France BLE Mari Paule                     Silver

Turkey KUS Nafia                             Bronze

Morocco DISLAM Wiam                   Bronze





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