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On Tuesday 24 July, Professor and Grand Master Miroslav Brezan and WTE Youth and Collegiate Committee Chairman, visited the World Taekwondo Europe Offices and met with the President Sakis Pragalos and Secretary General Michael Fysentzidis.

During their meeting, they discussed the progress of the taekwondo events that Professor Miroslav Brezan has founded over the years, such as the famous Croatia Karlovac Open, which is realized every year and counts more than 50 years of history and the World Hallelujah Cup, which is realized every 2 years.

Worth to mention that they also pinpointed the one of its kind in Europe taekwondo event, the Karlovac – Alessandria (Italy) PEACE TOURNAMENT, under the supervision of Grand Master Antonio Paoletti, which acts as a meeting hub of 4 different religious groups – the Catholics, represented by Karlovac; Orthodox, represented by Belgrade; Muslims, represented by Sarajevo and Jewish, represented by Jerusalem. The tournament was founded to support fraternity and unity among different people, cultures and religions of Europe and is usually realized during the second half October.

Professor Miroslav Brezan is founder of the Taekwondo Club Karlovac, located in Croatia. It was established in 1968 and it represents one of the oldest and most historical Taekwondo Clubs in Europe. Also, Professor Brezan himself is one of the Taekwondo pioneers in Karlovac and Croatia, serving the Taekwondo vision for 50 years.

What is more, due to his noteworthy efforts towards the growth of the sport, Professor Brezan has received several privileged awards for his contribution in general. Among many, he has been awarded by the World Taekwondo, World Taekwondo Europe, the Croatian Olympic Committee and the Croatian Taekwondo Federation. He has also received a Life Award by the Karlovac Sport Association and the County of Karlovac Sport Association.

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