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On the occasion of the 35th Anniversary of Daedo International, the Executive Council and Council of WTE met today in Barcelona. On the agenda were several important topics dea ling with good governance, finances, events, GDPR, Kukkiwon and EUSA cooperation and some other issues. Dr. Choue, president of World Taekwondo also shortly visited the Council meeting to greet the Council. 

After the statutes of World Taekwondo were amended, World Taekwondo Europe also made some changes in order to comply with the WT rules and regulations. Important issues that were approved by both the Executive Council and Council include the prohibition for officials to be a board member in more than one Member National Association. In addition, some amendments concerning the inclusion of good governance within WTE and its federation were included as well as due process requirements (fair legal proceedings) for federations to comply with. All amendments were approved and will be put by e-voting to the members to be ratified. 

World Taekwondo approved a request of WTE to host an extra G4 event for seniors as Europe will not have a Games event in 2019 as Taekwondo is not on the program of the European Games. Therefore, WTE will open the bidding for an extra G4 event in Q1 of 2019. 

The Treasury prepared already the financial statements for the year 2017. Normally, the reporting cyclus is done every 2 years, but the Council decided to have financial reports every year. The Council adopted a Per Diem Policy, which arranges the per diems of all officials working within WTE. President Sakis Pragalos announced that all payments for staff, workforce, International Referees and other persons working at events or WTE activities shall be paid by bank transfer only. Also federations that have obligations to WTE shall fulfil them by bank transfer or credit card/pay pal payments. 

The Council looked back at the 2018 European Championships in Kazan and discussed the media involvement at WTE events. Chairwoman Zikouli of the TV and Media Committee elaborated on the pro and cons of the current WTE events concerning the involvement of media and TV and proposed to the Council to consider possibilities to join the European Championships, a multi sport event consisting of 7 sports that join forces together, with the aim of gaining more media attention and sponsorship possibilities. 

The Executive Council had a lengthly discussion about the financial challenges the Organizing Committees of both WTE and Open events are facing. As such, the hosting fees for WTE events are to be reviewed by the Treasury and the entry fees will be divided by WTE and the OC, based on consultations between WTE and the host. It was also decided that not only federations, but cities, regions or other interested parties have the right to bid for a WTE event. 

Another discussion on this topic entailed mandatory hotels for participants at events. The Executive Committee decided that only at WTE events, the OC has the right to have national teams stay in official hotels. The OCs have to provide hotel rooms in different range of prices and to provide transportation services for the teams. The OCs of Open international events have the option to include mandatory hotel occupation in their outline. They decide this by themselves and have to clearly mention this in the outline of the event. 

The Council adopted a bylaw that deals with athletes or clubs that apply for participation at G1 events, do not pay and do not attend the event while occupying the spot and thus blocking other athletes from registering. The OCs of G-events should not allow these athletes to block the system and prevent other from participation. Athletes that register and do not show should first pay their outstanding obligations before being able to register for the next event(s). 

In order to standardize the G1 events in Europe, WTE will provide each G1 organizer with standard issues that needs to be followed to obtain G1 recognition. Also each G1 shall change its entry fee to 100 euro in order to further support the Organizing Committees in their budget. 

Mr Klyuchnikov gave a presentation on the evolution of Para Taekwondo in Europe and the Council decided that each Open International event should do its utmost to include Para Taekwondo in its event schedule. In this way, the European Para athletes will be fully prepared to participate at the Paralympics in 2020. 

President Pragalos announced the appointment of Kenneth Schunken as executive deputy Secretary-General, responsible for the WTE Rotterdam Office and all event and legal operations of WTE. Mr. Schunken will work closely together with the Director-General of the WTE Athens Office, Ms. Georgia Gatsis. Under the leadership of the Secretary-General, Michael Fysentzidis they will be in charge of the WTE operations. 

Mr. Jon Smith proposed to study the option of implementing an online chat forum on which athletes, coaches and fans have the opportunity to discuss the results of major events in Europe. With this forum, potential sponsors and a wider public getting more interest in Taekwondo competition and its athletes. 

Spain has been granted to host the following the WTE European Cadets Championships, the 2nd WTE European Master Championships, the 1st WTE European Kids Championships for Clubs, the 1st WTE European Poomsae and Freestyle Championships for Clubs and the 1st ever WTE European Poomsae Championships for Kids (color belts). These events will take place in Marina d’Or between 29 November and 6 December of this year: 

29/11 – 2/12 : European Cadets Championships (entry fee 100)
29/11 – 2/12 : European Masters Championships (entry fee 100)
3-4/12: European Kids for clubs (entry fee 70 euro)
5-6/12: 1st European Poomsae and Freestyle Championships for Clubs (entry fee 100 euro)
5-6/12: 1st European Poomsae Championships for Children (entry fee 70 euro)

Poland will host the WTE European Championships Under 21 in November of this year. The exact dates will be communicated shortly by the Polish federation. 



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