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On 4 August, Daedo International, WTE Gold Sponsor and long time partner, celebrated its 35th Anniversary. Guests from all over the world were invited for the celebrations and Daedo International hosted an excellent evening. Two famous opera singer provided the guests with magnificent musical entertainment and Daedo looked back at its 35 years of history via the speech of Mr. Park, CEO of Daedo. Also Daedo made a wonderful photo compilation which brought back numerous memories from the past 35 years But Daedo also looked ahead and made an inspirational and beautiful video.

Next to Dr Choue and Ahmed Fouly, President of WTE, Mr Sakis Pragalos congratulated Mr Park and Daedo with the following speech:


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Park, distinguished guests,

Today we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Daedo International. In those 35 years, you not only built a brand, but you built a legacy in our beloved sport of Taekwondo.

Since I am President, the European Taekwondo Union and now World Taekwondo Europe, is walking with you in our common path towards the future of our sport. I must say that I am very proud that we have built such a strong relationship in the past decades!

I am delighted to be here for the anniversary of an exceptional partner, and this is an opportunity for me to put into perspective the contribution of Daedo International in taekwondo over the years of its history. Everybody remembers that it was Daedo International that worked on the introduction of the electronic body protector and started an era in which our sport became more transparent and fairer. But not only that: Daedo International proved to be an innovative and trendsetting partner throughout the years.

Daedo International has been an everlasting partner of World Taekwondo Europe and its support proved to be critical in differentiating Taekwondo competitions within Europe and establishing the notion of high-end supply in the sport. Also, your contribution to the National Teams in Europe shows your broad involvement and warm ties to the European Taekwondo Family. For that I am very grateful.

Mr. Park, you have always been a trusted partner for me and our organization. Your support through the years and our partnership is a valuable asset for our

organization. Allow me to congratulate you and your family for the amazing brand you have built in the past 35 years.


Thank you.

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