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Members of the World Taewondo Europe (WTE) Executive Council heard proposals to join the next multi-sport European Championships at their meeting in Barcelona.

Effie Zikouli, chair of the TV and Media Committee, proposed that the Council consider joining the quadrennial multi-sport event which is currently underway in Glasgow and Berlin.

Seven sports have combined their existing European Championships with the aim of gaining more media attention and sponsorship possibilities. World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue paid a visit to greet Council members on what was the 35th anniversary of equipment supplier Daedo International.

Members heard that World Taekwondo had approved WTE's request to host an extra G4 event for seniors as Europe will not have a Games event in 2019 - with taekwondo not on the programme of the European Games in Minsk.The Executive Council also had a lengthy discussion about the financial challenges the Organising Committees (OCs) of both WTE and open events are facing. The hosting fees for WTE events are to be reviewed and the entry fees will be divided by WTE and the OC, based on consultations between WTE and the host.

It was also decided that not only federations, but cities, regions or other interested parties, should have the right to bid for a WTE event.  Members were given a presentation on the evolution of Para-taekwondo in Europe and the Council decided that each open international event should do its utmost to include Para-taekwondo in its event schedule. This will help European athletes be fully prepared to participate at the Paralympics in 2020. A number of events were also awarded. Poland will host the WTE European Under-21 Championships in November of this year. The exact dates are 8-11 November in the capital city of Warsaw.

Spain has been granted hosting for the WTE European Cadets Championships, the second European Master Championships, the first European Kids Championships for Clubs, the first European Poomsae and Freestyle Championships for Clubs and the first European Poomsae Championships for Kids. These events will take place in Marina d'Or from November 29 to December 6.

Both the Executive and Main Council approved the prohibition for officials to be a board member in more than one Member National Association. In addition, some amendments concerning the inclusion of good governance within WTE and its federation were included as well as due process requirements for federations to comply with. All amendments were approved and will be put by e-voting to the members to be ratified.


Source:  Inside The Games


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