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On 16 August, Mr. Gary Hall (Performance Director) and Matt Archibald (Chief Executive Director) of GB Taekwondo, the performance branch within the UK, visited the offices of Taekwondo Europe. They discussed the structure of GB Taekwondo and the landscape of organizations in the UK they are doing business with. They explained to President Pragalos and Secretary-General Fysentzidis the funding principles of the performance program, their cooperation with the different stakeholders in the UK and their past and present activities. 
Mr. Archibald elaborated on the development program in Nepal they executed and the events they are preparing at the moment. The October 2018 Grand Prix is taking place in Manchester and also the 2019 World Championships are hosted in Manchester as well. Also in the future, GB Taekwondo is interested in hosting a European high class event. 

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