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The Kukkiwon representatives’ visit in Taekwondo Europe offices last week was completed, giving its place to the final details of the event that will kick off in the end of October.

During the visit, World Taekwondo Europe, as organizer of the event, has been a receiver of the know-how by the Hanmadang organizing experts of Kukkiwon, in order to deliver a successful event that will be able to gather up the taekwondo family and qualify the event posterity for the years to come.

During the several meetings that were conducted, many technical issues were solved as well as the operational approach to all the processes that need to be followed to achieve a quality result without major discrepancies from the promoter’s profile; yet, aligned to a European approach of both the events, and the procedures used until now for event participation.


Kukkiwon representatives and World Taekwondo Europe staff


The 1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang 2018

World Taekwondo Europe is proud to welcome the ‘1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang’ that will be realized 27-29 October 2018 in Athens, Greece at the premises of the ‘Peace and Friendship’ stadium (S.E.F).

The registration for the event will begin on 26 October, while on the same day, a referee refresher course and a representatives’ meeting will take place.

The festival will begin by welcoming its participants and spectators with a stunning opening ceremony, and a special performance thrown by the KUKKIWON Demonstration Team.

The competition will finish on 29th October with the medal awarding and the closing ceremony.


The official poster of 1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang 2018


The Events

The competition categories that will be part of the 1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang 2018 for individual participants will be the following:

- Fist Breaking

- Knife-Hand Breaking

- High-Jump Kick Breaking

- Side-Back Kick Breaking

- All-round Breaking

- Authorized Poomsae,

while for group participations the competitors can participate in the following:

- Kyorugi

- Authorized Poomsae


Hanmadang Festival in Korea


About the stadium

The venue that will host the 1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang 2018 is the “Peace and Friendship” stadium (widely known as S.E.F), located in Piraeus on the Faliro coastal zone (10km to Athens city center and 32 km to the airport).

It is a basketball arena, and home to the Olympiacos Basketball Team, while it has a capacity of 11,390 seats for basketball games and 10,520 for other athletic events.

S.E.F was built in 1985, renovated for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and it is owned and operated by the Greek State.

It is built on the seafront and besides basketball, its multi-purpose main arena is also able to host athletics, gymnastics, handball, ice skating etc., while also music concerts, conventions and exhibitions.


It has been the host arena for several international events in various sports. Among the major competitions are included:

Basketball - 1985 Clubs European Championship Final, 1987 EuroBasket, 1989 Clubs European CupWinners' Cup Final, 1993 Clubs European Championship Final-Four, 1998 World Championship.

Volleyball - 1992 & 1993 Clubs European Championship Final-Four, 1994 World Championship, 1995 European Championship, 1996 & 2005 Clubs European CupWinners' Cup Final-Four
Athletics - 1985 European Indoor Championship
Wrestling - 1986 European Championship, 1988 World Cup, 1999 World Championship
Gymnastics - 1990 European Artistic Championship, 1991 World Rhythmics Championship
Weightlifting - 1999 World Championship.

Also, The Peace and Friendship Stadium was one of the venues of the 2004 Olympic Games, hosting all the preliminaries and finals of the volleyball tournament.


'Peace and Friendship' stadium - outdoors


'Peace and Friendship' stadium - indoors


'Peace and Friendship' stadium during Athens 2004 Olympic Games


Participating in the European Taekwondo Hanmadang 2018

The eligibility of participants is conditioned upon the following:

   1) Nationality or holding a permanent resident of the participation nation

   2) Kukkiwon Poom·Dan holder / Color Belt

       Holder of Poom·Dan certificate or master’s certificate from Kukkiwon


The eligibility of participants’ age is as follows:

One can participate in two events as an individual and one event as a team.

One who participates in one event as a team member, can participate in event(s) as an individual.



    All individual participants and teams can register via the online registration that will be available shortly, by following the registration procedure.


The official outline of the event will be published promptly, providing all necessary info for the details of the competition rules and accommodation issues.

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