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On 13 and 14 September, the President’s Office (President Sakis Pragalos, Secretary-General Michael Fysentzidis, Treasurer Antonio Barbarino and Executive dep. Secretary-General Kenneth Schunken) of Taekwondo Europe met in Dusseldorf (Germany) to discuss the ongoing operations of Taekwondo Europe. With the several European Championships taking place in the mext few weeks, the officials discussed the preparations for these events.
Both Poland and Spain will host Coach Seminars and Spain will also host a 2-day Referee Seminar for all European International Referees.

The Secretary-General discussed the outcome of his meeting with the Referee Chairman. Upon proposal of the Referee chairman, the Secretary-General will decide on which International Referees will be invited.
All European International Referees who have followed the WT Refresher Course can be invited for European Championships.

The deadline for Members to apply for a G-ranked event is strictly 28 September 2018. Those Members that do not apply in time may be rejected as G-ranked event.

The presidium discussed the issue of the entry fee for G1 events. Some members requested some clarity on the issue. The Council discussed this issue during their Council meeting on 4 August.
The G-ranking of International Open events is delegated by World Taekwondo to each Continental Union. Upon request of the Organizing Committees of several Open International events, Taekwondo Europe was asked to look into the issue of competition between the several G1 events in Europe. Next to that, OCs are facing an increase in expenses and costs.
The Council discussed these issues and decided that one standard entry fee of 100 euro would be applicable.
With a standard fee, there is no financial competition between the events. Also the increase of the entry fee will give the OCs a bit more financial space.

The OCs will as per 2019 be audited. Taekwondo Europe is currently drafting a set of criteria which an OC has to fulfil in order to provide better service to the athletes and provide more quality at their event.
For example, G-ranked events cannot last longer than 22:00 hrs. Only WTE recognized Instant Video Replay can be used. International Referees cannot work longer than 12 hours and other specific criteria will be audited.

Currently Turkey, Bulgaria and Great Britain have shown interest in hosting future European Championships.
Also for these applications, the deadline is set at 28 September 2018.

Taekwondo Europe is developing a new policy for Poomsae competition in Europe.
A first start is already made in Spain with organizing European Freestyle, Kids and Clubs championships.
For 2019 and the following years more specific competitions will be implemented.

Also the following Vice-presidents have been appointed as chairman if the WTE working committees:

Mr. Angelo Cito: chairman Technical and Development Committee
Mr. Buitenhuis: chairman Financial and Economic Committee
Mr. Castellanos: chairman Athletes and Coaches Committee
Mr. Binev: chairman TV and New Media Committee
Mr. Madar: chairman Legislative Committee.

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