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For almost ten days Spain will host some of the milestone events of Taekwondo Europe Championships.
Held at the premises of Marina d'Or; a sea resort complex able to accommodate everyone and support whichever need, the participants of the five in total European events will have the chance to compete at the greater coastal area of south Spain, as the resort is located between Valencia and Barcelona.
The total event days will officially begin on 29th November and will run until 8th December. Two of the championships are introduced for the first time in the Taekwondo Europe annual calendar - the Open Poomsae & Freestyle Clubs Championships and the Poomsae Kids Clubs Championships - identifying in this way the power of Poomsae across Europe and promote its athletes towards international recognition and achievement accordingly.
The Masters Championships will run for the second time, as during the inaugural event in Luxemburg last year, many former athletes and taekwondo practitioners expressed their high desire of continuing the event and further evolve the community of joining together the taekwondo family.
Last but not least, the Cadet Championships and Clubs Championships will also be part of the Spain events schedule. The event takes the relay from the sucessfull predecessor of 2017, organized by the Hungarian Taekwondo Federation and held at the city of Budapest, while the Clubs Championships, after many years of succesfull organization by the Turkish Taekwondo Federation, will be hosted at the west side of Europe.
Undoubtedlty, the large number of events and thus of participating athletes, clubs and national teams were appropriated for Spain and the Spanish Taekwondo Federation, under the proviso of conducting the necessary coach seminars given the fact that many coaches would like to qualify for the Coach Card Lisence. That is why in between of the championship days two Coach Seminars will be carried out: Kyorugi Coach Seminar on 2 December and Poomsae Coach Seminar on 7 December.
The respective outlines of the championships are already available for all those interested in registering, as well as the coach seminars online individual registration.
The sum of championships and events hosted in Spain is listed below. Select accordingly to view the respective outline as well.


Masters Championship 2018

Cadet Championship 2018

Clubs Championships 2018

Coach Seminar

Poomsae Coaches Seminar

Open Poomsae & Freestyle Clubs Championships 2018

WTE Poomsae Kids Clubs Championships 2018




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