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Functioning as a substitute for the European Games 2019, World Taekwondo allowed Taekwondo Europe to host one extra G4-ranking event during the year 2019.

In analogy to the Asian Games for the continent of Asia, Europe had been missing out the possibility to have its athletes participating at a G4-ranking event.

World Taekwondo gave ultimately the green light for Europe to have a substitute event, which will also include in total 5 weight divisions for male and 5 weight divisions for female category, summing up to 10 medal events. 

The decision was taken by World Taekwondo after the relevant request of Taekwondo Europe since similarly, the Asian Games included 5 male and 5 female weight divisions in total.

Under this decision and conditions, the European athletes have an equal opportunity to the rest continental athletes towards gaining ranking points in their Road to Tokyo 2020.  

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