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The conditions of practice for team doctors accompanying athletes to competitions in national, continental and international level, involves working in different medical jurisdictions. Such circumstances pose a problem for all sports teams, since every country oversees the practice and licensing of medicine through its own legislation and different governing bodies.

Hence, this lack of uniformity has become a significant issue to travelling teams and to event Organizing Committees. 

Also, to submit all relevant paperwork to practice in different countries, requires the team doctor to be multilingual, as documents are usually in the language of the country where the competition is being held. Consequently, team doctors might work unaware of certain conditions and irresponsibly putting themselves - and potentially their athletes - in legal jeopardy.



Providing a solution, Taekwondo Europe decided to introduce the medical licensing as of 2019, which will apply to all team medical staff participating to all Taekwondo Europe sanctioned and promoted events.

The Medical License will have as result that the credentials and qualifications of the medical staff practicing in all tournaments and championships have been verified.

Consequently, all Taekwondo Europe events will be supported by validated qualified and educated medical staff.

Through the application procedure described below, all medical staff can obtain the Taekwondo Europe Medical License, making them eligible to have a Taekwondo Europe accreditation card to all Taekwondo Europe events.


You may find further information of the Medical License Policy below:

Medical License Policy


To obtain the Taekwondo Europe Medical Licence, kindly follow the link: 




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