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     On Thursday 7 February 2019, the Taekwondo Europe Council Meeting was held in Antalya, Turkey on the occasion of the 4th President’s Cup 2019. Headed by Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos, the agenda of the meeting included a range of topics covering a wide area of issues for Taekwondo and its development, such as the upcoming Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, Taekwondo events, youth camps, educational issues for coaches and trainers, dan promotion and color belt certification, as well as the digital footprint of Taekwondo Europe. The Council also approved the budget for 2019 and 2020.


     The meeting was conducted in almost full attendance of the Council members at the premises of the resort where the competitions are being realized. The event was also honored with the presence of the IOC Vice President, Dr. Uğur Erdener, as well as World Taekwondo President Dr. Chungwon Choue, who were in Turkey on the occasion of the successful completion of the  8th World Taekwondo Para Championships 2019, held prior to the 4th President’s Cup. Dr. Choue congratulated Taekwondo Europe and its Council members for its actions in continued development of Taekwondo as an Olympic and Paralympic sport. In addition, Dr. Choue proudly announced that Para Taekwondo was accepted as an official sport at the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games.


     Italy was awarded the G4 European Championships 2019 as well as the 2020 Olympic European Qualification Tournament. The first event will take place in November 2019 in Bari and the Olympic qualifier in the beginning of 2020. Italy will confirm the exact dates and location at a later stage. Turkey successfully applied to host the 2019 European Poomsae Championships as well as the European Beach Championships in March 2019. Secretary-General Fysentzidis had several discussions with the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games on the inclusion of Taekwondo into the 2019 Patras Beach Games. The Committee will decide in April to have Taekwondo included as a demonstration sport in the 2019 edition.
     The Council discussed the issue of the mandatory hotel accommodation for teams at Taekwondo Europe events, as multiple complaints have been received in the past few months. President Pragalos expressed his wish to revisit Council decisions if the implementation of those decisions causes overwhelming complaints or impracticalities. Therefore, the Council decided that as per 1 April 2019, national teams and quota athletes participating at European Championships pay an entry fee of 100 euro if they book their hotel accommodation via the OC. If they do not, the entry fee for each athlete will be 175 euro, of which 75 euro flows directly to the OC of the event. With this decision, clubs, and athletes participating at the 2020 Presidents Cup, 2020 Multi Games and 2020 European Club Championships are excluded from this rule.
      The Quota system as we know it in 2019 will be heavily reduced in 2020. The Council approved that each country can have 2 quotas instead of 1 at European Championships but the number of quotas for European Championships will be reduced drastically with maximum 3 extra quota places per country. See attached overview for the 2020 quota allocation.
     In the field of education, the Council was informed that under the leadership of Mr. Chakir Chelbat, a voluntary Trainer Education and Development program is being developed in which both online and offline courses are offered. This program is open for all trainers in Europe and will focus on multiple topics with the aim of further strengthening the trainers in Europe. The curriculum will be divided in certain levels and the next level can be attended after successful completion of the previous level. The courses are supplemental to the course and certification offered in the different members of Taekwondo Europe.
Taekwondo Europe will work closely together with World Taekwondo in this respect.

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