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      Participating athletes in the 2nd Multi European Games 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria, can now also register to compete in the Power Breaking contest that will run on 21st March 2019

This is the inaugural introduction of such a competition in a European taekwondo event in which the competitors can choose to participate among the events of Fist Breaking, Knife Handbreaking, Side/ Back Kick Breaking, High Jump Kick Breaking, and All-Round Breaking.

     The eligibility criteria of the participants and the respective age classifications are listed in the official power breaking outline which you may find here.

     Participants can register in three events as an individual. If a competition category has at least 4 participants or 4 groups (teams), the results shall be recognized as a record. However, the record will not be recognized as an official record in case there are less than 4 participants(groups) in each category, nevertheless, the contest/competition shall be conducted and awarded.

The registration for the event will remain open until10th March in 3:59CET, while the entry fee payment until 17th March in 23:59CET

* Kindly notice that if the participation fee is not paid, your application may be canceled.

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