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(Antalya, 5 April 2019) - The 14thEuropean Poomsae Championships 2019 concluded its three-day event in Kemer in Antalya, Turkey on April 4, 2019, in a triumphant and successful event.

The competition took place in Kemer Sports Hall, with 756 athletes and officials participating from 26 countries. Poomsae has been improving in both performance and participation numbers in Europe, as also Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos aspires, that with further successes to follow, the European Poomsae Championships can be evolved in both accomplishments and universality, as Poomsae can be exercised actively and in a competitive way from cadets to masters. Its worth to mention that many of the athletes who participated at 26 years ago in the inaugural event of European Poomsae Championships 1993 in Wörgl, Austria, are now still representing their countries at the same event as coaches or competitors in the master categories. Poomsae has been developing a lot in Europe during the last years, both in technical and artistic part that freestyle requires, showcasing that the overall performance was improved compared to previous event editions in Belgrade 2015 and Rhodes Island 2017. 

Out of the overall 26 participating countries, 12 countries earned at least one gold medal at the European Poomsae Championships. The host country of Turkey swept 7 gold medals, followed by Denmark with 6 gold, while Russia, Great Britain, and Germany attained in total 4 gold medals. The highest number in silver medals was also by Turkey with 11 silver in total and Germany following with 7 medals. Spain achieved a large collection of in total 24 bronze medals, followed by Germany with 11 bronze and Turkey with 9 bronze medals.

Among the counties who obtained a gold medal were also Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, France, and Norway, while Denmark’s Eva Sandersen and Turkey’s Elif Aybuke Yilmaz were the ones who achieved two gold medals in their respective competition categories.

The national team ranking in for males got Turkey on top, followed by Great Britain and Germany, while in females, Denmark got the top place, followed by Germany and Russia. 

The overall National team ranking showed Turkey in the first place, with Denmark and Germany following in the second and the third place respectively.

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