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On the occasion of the World Taekwondo Championships 2019, the World Taekwondo Conference is scheduled to be held at the Manchester Metropolitan University (Business School) on 12 May 2019.

Since 2007, World Taekwondo has been organizing an International Symposium for Taekwondo Studies in each host city where the World Taekwondo Championships are being held.

Over the years, this milestone symposium has been organized in Beijing (China), Copenhagen (Denmark), Gyeongju (Rep. of Korea), Puebla (Mexico), Chelyabinsk (Russia), and Muju (Korea).
This year, the conference is a great opportunity to discuss several topics under the themes of Sport for Social Development, Safe Sport, and Integrity and Compliance.

The featured topics are closely related to the issues that sport face in today’s society, focusing on sport for social development, athlete safety and mental health, as well as clean sport and good governance. It aims to generate knowledge for quality sport, enhance community groups and networking, and support an inclusive and open approach towards the future of sports and athletes.

You are strongly encouraged you to attend the conference, noting also that seats are limited.
Transportation for the attendants will be provided in front of Hotel Indigo at 9:00am and 9:15am on 12 May (2 times).


The WT Conference Venue Map is available here: World Taekwondo Conference 2019 - Venue Map


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