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Focusing on educating and developing taekwondo coaches, athletes and referees, Taekwondo Europe introduces the 1st WTE Education Festival Camp that will be realized on 1-3 August 2019 in Trelleborg, Sweden. The inaugural WTE education camp aims to educate and upgrade referees', coaches', trainers' and athletes' taekwondo skills and knowledge, through a series of educational courses in a wide area of topics associated with the sport of taekwondo and not only.

From sports nutrition to training techniques and from coaches seminar to referees workshop, WTE aims to build the educational foundation able to elevate its participants' sporting skills, create a strong network among the taekwondo family members and enhance educational and self improvement initiatives within taekwondo, both as a sport and a way of living.

The educational courses are taught by recognized personalities of the taekwondo family and the sports environment in general, while there will also be relized a coaches' seminar during the event, for all new coaches that want to acquire their Coach Card Lisence.

Further information on the detailed schedule of the camp can be found in the event program, available to download below.

Download - 1st WTE Education Festival Camp 2019 full program


If you wish to participate in the event, please submit via email the respective application form below.

Download - Application Form

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