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Helsingborg city in southern Sweden which will host the European Under 21 Championships the upcoming September, has come to an agreement on the organization of WT's most prominent events; WT President's Cup Europe.

After reaching a consensus on the challenges, and validated all parameters on hosting an event that attracts the highest number of competitors in whichever country being hosted in, the final competition dates have been officially announced and the event is set to be realized on 17-22 February 2020.

Helsingborg Arena will be once more the host venue of the G2 ranking cup, which runs for 5th year since its first launch in 2016 in Bonn, Germany, guaranteed to provide all teams, athletes, IRs and officials with high-end competition premises and venue facilities.

The outline of WT President's Cup Europe 2020 is expected to be published soon, enlisting all necessary information on the competition and its qualifiers, as well as the accommodation and transportation of all participants.

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